There’s been some really great posts on founder stress and burnout lately.

Something I’ve felt that hasn’t been covered that well is the stress on everyone else in a startup.

Founders have it rough and they take the brunt of the stress at a startup but they also stand to gain the most when things go well. It’s the rollercoaster lifestyle we’ve chosen for ourselves and the sacrifices we’ve willingly undertaken to chase our dreams.

It’s the early team members that need to be considered. When you’re just starting out, you’re going to be generally pretty transparent when it comes to stuff like overall runway and burn rate. If not exact numbers, then at least key indicators of what needs to happen to make sure the company keeps going.
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momentum (1)

My advice to those that want to make changes in 2013: Go BIG.

Big changes are hard to pull off, but if you go for it, it can set off this crazy momentum that opens you up to HUGE life-changing opportunities.

When I was 26, I backpacked Europe, quit my old job, moved out of my parents’ house to downtown Toronto all in one go.

Each successive step made the next step easier. Momentum is key.

5 years ago, I quit my cushy corporate job to start Endloop and make apps for this wonderous new iPhone device.

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Yes, I’m going to start blogging again.  Trust me, I know I’ve said this many times before.  I’m optimistic that even if I keep restarting, it’s still more semi-regular blogging than not.

I’ll be keeping my posts short but to the point and I’m only going to post ideas, lessons learned or anything else that I believe others would find valuable.

- Ken